Tuesday, May 16, 2017

the other stuff rated by some going on at the time #2

many of the smartest pop minds of our time would disagree, vehemently....  probably scornfully

but the truth is I have never really seen it / heard it / felt it with the PSB...

 "West End Girls", very nice, yes (what's it about though? I don't really care actually)...

Introspective, I liked a bit, for half-a minute...

 "Being Boring", bit boring

Overall, as sound it seems thin, as expression it feels mild...   the other elements (lyrics, image, framing, interview) are clever (-clever)

pop without the !POP!

for his comments about Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ("sounds more like a rave record than rock") and for inventing the concept "imperial phase", Neil T deserves a knighthood, or at least a CBE

but otherwise

file under "music journalists who should have stayed music journalists"

Saturday, May 13, 2017

flamenco glam and kraut rumba

via Marcos Gendre of Rockdelux magazine in Spain, word reaches me of the phenomenon of glam flamenco!

also rumba glam

not sure where the glam is in this

this is postpunk flamenco (says Marcos)

acid rock flamenco (although to me it sounds more blues-rock - good drumming though)

also rated by Marcos, although I'm not sure if there's much flamenco or any glam here (again neat drumming)

and a contemporary band he rates highly - purveying "post-punk kraut-rumba"

bonus suggestion from Fernando Ramirez Ruiz in the comments - "a song to glam, "The King of Glam", who is forever in 73 with Bowie and T-Rex according to lyrics"